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How to Write a Descriptive Essay | Tips to Improve Descriptive Writing

How to Write a Descriptive Essay is an integral part of every student’s learning journey. Writing is itself a pure expression of self, art, and beauty of the topic. To weave magic with words it is important to understand the in-depth qualities, research, and study that is required. It is important to be efficient and perfect in every way while writing because the power of words can make a lasting impact on the readers. Furthermore, it is also important that readers are satisfied with the writing, and understand it properly.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

One such writing is Descriptive Writing. The descriptive essay is known to offer a vivid description of a particular subject. Descriptive Writing is known as writing that can create a vivid picture of the topic. That is to be written about and it includes a person, place, thing, or any other topic under the sky. So, it can be easily understood that one knows how to write a Descriptive Essay.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Let’s have a look at crucial points about how to write a Descriptive Essay.

  1. In the first phase of Descriptive Writing, it is important that you understand and identify who or what you wish to write about in the Descriptive Essay and why. After choosing the topic it is also important to do some research, spend some time thinking about the qualities they want to highlight in the Descriptive Essay. Descriptive writing prompts all the aspects of writing in every way.
  2. While drafting a Descriptive Essay it is also crucial that you look out for great descriptive writing lesson plans. That will offer you the best lessons and points about Descriptive Essay. It is important that you lookout for the points that are outlined. But you need to remember that the goal is to give an enriching experience to the reader.
  3. One of the most important aspects that needed to be kept in mind while writing a Descriptive Essay is to include all the senses such as hearing, smell, touch, taste, and not just sight.
  4. After writing the Descriptive Essay comes the revision part. While doing the revision students should think about the points such as does the essay gives the reader the complete choice of appreciating the subject, does any paragraph confuses the reader in any way? Does the usage of words and language satisfy all the senses and gives meaning to the essay.
  5. Are there enough details included in the essay that gives the reader complete details about the topic?
  6. The descriptive writing techniques always highlight the aspect that the reader should be kept in the mind from starting to the ending of the essay. The descriptive essay must be descriptive and detailed in every aspect of the Essay.

These were the steps that are required to be kept in mind while writing Descriptive Essays. So, one should include all these points as an integral part of writing a Descriptive Essay.

How to Improve Descriptive Writing

As the name suggests, Descriptive Writing is writing that describes the topic in a wonderful way with the use of words.  In descriptive writing, the conclusion should make a lasting appeal in the minds of the readers. Also, it is important to consider the points that will help you in understanding how to be more descriptive in writing.

Firstly, if it is not important, then it is better that you cut that point from the story. Secondly, you should match the voice of the narrator. You should also match the mood of the story, appeal to the senses of the readers, don’t be afraid to appeal to use symbolism and figure of speech, be ready to slow down and spend some time being descriptive, and read comic books.

So, these are important aspects of writing a Descriptive Essay that the writer should include while writing the essay and impress the readers.


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