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How to write Personal Essay | Personal Essay Examples

Personal Essay Examples: Writing a personal essay is never easy as it requires the precise visualization of any event that may have happened in your life. Putting the event on a piece of paper in the form of an essay and then coming to the conclusion is quite a task in itself.

So, if you are also seeking some guidance in writing the personal essay then we shall possibly try to help you out in our article ahead. We urge you to go through the entire article at once in order to get some better perspective and clarity on writing a personal essay.

What is a Personal Essay

The personal essay is basically more of a narration that is meant to be put in the form of words. The purpose of the narration is to render the personal story of an individual to the masses. You are ultimately required to derive the key takeaways from the story in the form of an essay.

Personal Essay Examples

Personal Essay Examples —

You can possibly write a personal essay on a number of topics that all relate to your personal life or experience. Here are some of the Personal Essay examples of subjects for the personal essay.

  • Life lessons
  • Three mistakes of my life
  • The movie that has motivated me the most
  • Place where I want to settle down
  • My family struggles

In a similar manner, you can choose the other subjects as per your personal life experiences. There can be endless topics that you can actually choose for the personal essay.

How to write a Personal Essay – Personal Essay Format

Once you are done with the subject for the personal essay then you will have to draft the structure for the essay. Here the structure implies the overall format for the letter to divide or distribute the content of the letter. You can generally divide the structure of a personal essay into the following parts.

  • Introducing part
  • Body section
  • Final conclusion 

How to Start a Personal Essay

Introducing part

Well, the Introducing part is basically the introductory part of the letter. This is from where the personal essay picks its root of beginning. Always try to be as eye-catchy as you can be in the introductory part of the personal essay. Remember a personal essay is all about the personal story of an individual so you have to keep your audience indulged from the very beginning. You can here use the other parts in the introduction to make it more attractive. It may include some quotes, jokes, or facts and statistics. Use the thesis statement to conclude the personal essay for the personal interest of the readers.

The Body section

The body is the most important part of the letter since this part is what contains the extensive content of the letter. Try to divide the whole content into several paragraphs for ease of reading. You can possibly take 4 to 5 maximum paragraphs to cover up the ample amount of personal essay.

Here your writing should be an influence in a way that the reader begins to visualize the whole scenario of your personal life just by reading it. It is essential especially in the context of a personal essay to have that personal connection with the audience. You can also use the number of examples here for a better narrative of the personal essays.

Conclusion Part

Well, this is the final part of the essay where you are supposed to conclude the personal essay. This part is important since this is where you have to mention your personal learnings or takeaways based on the subject of the personal essay.

Personal essay Examples – Do’s and Dont’s

Well, there are some dos and don’ts that you should consider while preparing your personal essay. You can take a look here at all those for your reference.


  • Be clear with your thoughts and ideas before drafting the personal essay.
  • Provide your ideas to the readers in the clearest way possible as it will help the others in getting the worthwhile output from it.
  • You can also include the personal life events examples to include the relatable lessons for the readers.
  • You can also convey some thoughts based on the anxiety as it also constitutes personal and real thoughts to the readers.
  • Furthermore, you can also share the ideas with the readers so that they can also write their own personal essays accordingly.


  • Never use cliches in your personal essay as it will only degrade the quality of the essay.
  • Never hide any personal details that concern the subject matter of the personal essay.
  • Don’t apply the broad-based generalizations in the personal essay.

Common mistakes in the personal essay

There are some common mistakes that most scholars make while drafting a personal essay. We are here compiling those mistakes so that you never commit them in your own personal essay.

  • Tedious topic

Most scholars opt for some boring or tedious topic for their personal essays. It subsequently doesn’t indulge the reader well to the essay and they simply discard it.

  • No proper structure

Presentation is something that equally matters just like the content of the essay. So never choose the poor format to present a worthy personal essay.

  • Lack of moral lesson

The personal essay is all about rendering the proper lesson to the readers based on some kind of moral. So always make sure that you should have a personal message to deliver at the end of the personal essay.

How to Start an Essay about yourself – Examples

Here we are suggesting some of the very effective tips write an influential person essay. We urge you to use these tips for your personal essay while writing the same.

  • Indulge either yourself or your family in the personal essay

We know that a personal essay is all about conveying the personal experiences of the people in the form of an essay. The essay, therefore, becomes more significant when you actually write the essay based either on your own experience or your family. You can recall any such incident that is worth recalling in the form of a personal essay.

  • Be inspired

A personal essay concerns the topic of inspiration and the inspiration should come from within. You can draw this inspiration either from your own life story or get inspired by someone else. You ultimately have to convey the same inspiration to others as well in the personal essay.

  • Consider the requirements of the university or readers

Sometimes the subject matter of the personal essay also relies on the requirements of the readers. If you are a scholar of any university then you might be provided with the option of choosing the subject for the personal essay by the university. So always consider delivering what actually suits the requirements of the audience.

  • Keep it simple

This is the simple law of writing a personal essay which says that you have to deliver it all in the simplest manner. It means you should use simple language to deliver the content and the lesson to the audience with your personal essay.


So, this is how one can easily draft a personal essay by using the above-mentioned tips. We believe these tips will assist our readers in drafting an influential personal essay to the readers. If you face any further issues then feel free to contact us to get the required support from us. Kindly do share the article with others as well so as to spread the knowledge around.


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