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What is Descriptive Writing – Descriptive Writing Examples

Descriptive Writing is a crucial topic in the subject and it is important that students learn all about Descriptive Writing from the beginning. Descriptive writing is also known to have a unique power and appeal. Descriptive writing definition is also known as a type of writing that evokes sight, smell, sound, texture, and taste. The dominant feature of Descriptive writing is that it is known to give a clear and concise description of everything including places, people, object, or an event.

What is Descriptive Writing

As the name suggests, essay Writing is known as a type of writing that can describe everything using the power of words. The description includes all the things that are around and in the surroundings. The primary objective of Descriptive writing is to provide a clear picture of the surroundings or the topic that is given to be described. In descriptive writing, the writer is known to evoke the senses of the people and make a lasting impact in the minds of the readers about the description of the topic. It can also motivate the reader to get a clear insight into the surroundings and the topic of description.

Descriptive Writing

The purpose of essay writing is to describe a perfect sense of all about the environment and the surroundings. It is the perfect way of writing the description in a detailed and structured manner. And, It also helps to maintain balance and to get a clear about what can be elaborated and what not. It also helps the reader in holding and grasping all the important details of the description.

There are certain techniques as well that will help in knowing how to write a descriptive essay. The first choice is to select the right topic, use descriptive words, organize all the details in chronological order, and use figurative language.

There are certain examples of Descriptive essays available that will help in easy understanding, how to write a descriptive essay. Let’s have a look at the various examples of descriptive writing.

Descriptive Writing Examples

Title – The Life of Princess Diana

In this Descriptive Writing, you can describe:

  • Describe the castle at Vincennes
  • Describe the beauty of Niagara Falls
  • The Great Himalaya Mountain Range
  • The Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Description of your childhood memories
  • An event that changed your life
  • A trauma or happiness

So, above is the example of essay writing that helps you in understanding how you can write an essay writing and what are the steps that need to be taken into consideration while essay Writing. You can choose any topic of your choice but the topic should be such that it can be fluently described and can also evoke some kind of emotion among the readers. It will help you I making essay Writing more impressive and understanding for all.

Apart from that, there are various other types of essay Writing including Biography, Travel Writing, Nature Writing, Journal, and Poetry. The knowledge and understanding of different types of essay writing will help in understanding that what and how you should begin the various types of essay writing. It is simply described as the writing that can be used to describe anything in a detailed manner.

So, now that you have a clear knowledge and understanding of essay writing, then it would be wise to use all the guides and understanding of essay writing and let your words create magic among the readers and make a lasting impact on any topic, you are using to write about.


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